Admitting You Support Trump May Cost You Your Job

Many liberals that are still extremely bitter about the outcome of the election are taking out their frustrations on Trump supporters all over the country. And in some cases, employees are actually being “reassigned”, fired or asked to leave their jobs if they openly admit their support for President Trump. This kind of political discrimination is not supposed to be happening in our workplaces, but it is happening. Many leftists that are in positions of authority around the nation are using that authority to punish people that voted for Donald Trump. So if you voted for Trump and your boss didn’t, you might want to keep your political views to yourself at your workplace if you want to keep your job.

In today’s hyper-politicized world, the biggest casualty other than common sense and civility has been the Constitution’s First Amendment. In the Age of Trump, praising a president who won a sizeable majority of electoral votes is even enough to create employment problems.

As reported by, Left-wing teachers and academics can get away with saying all kinds of vile things while teaching our children to hate their own country. But for the rare conservative and Trump supporter among the nation’s primary educators? Not so much.

A Florida computer lab teacher, Veronica Fleming, at the predominately Latino Parkside Elementary School in Naples, Florida, had her job “reassigned” after she made the mistake of publicly supporting Trump’s immigration policies over Facebook.

Teachers Ousted From Classroom for Supporting Immigration Law

That’s liberal “tolerance” for ya.